Neosho Gardens is happy to stock our line of house plants and foliage items. We have worked hard on creating a convenient and wide ranging line of foliage that can meet many needs of your retail space.

For details and current availability please see below.

Foliage and House Plants

Neosho Gardens’ houseplant and foliage line is a fantastic way to stock your displays with everything you need or to fill in popular items. All of our varieties are sourced from high quality cuttings and tissue culture from around the world. Plants will include many favorites such as Philodendrons, Calatheas, Pothos, and many more.

Due to our convenient packaging in flats or individuals and tagged or labeled pots, we make it easy for retailers to get the items they need without the hassle of unboxing or labeling. Plants will be available in a variety of sizes including 4.5in pots, 6in pots, 8in pots, and baskets.

If you have any questions on varieties or pricing feel free to contact us via email or phone. As a new line of products we welcome any feedback on sizing, varieties and timing on this new line.

Foliage Availability PDF